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2023 Trend Forecast

What trends to look out for and what has us excited in 2023! Premium tequilas, specialized cordials, casual sparkling wines, and craft lagers all take center stage in a shifting alcohol landscape.

Spirits trends

Premium tequila continues to take center stage, favoring small artisanal producers now more than ever!

Specialized cordial options are exploding as people seek out new and interesting flavors to incorporate in their home mixology.

Non-alcoholic wines and distillates grow in diversity (and quality), making alcohol-free libations a more viable option than ever before.

Wine Trends

The appealing value and diversity of Spanish wines will attract more customers to explore the region with wines from Rioja, Priorat, Basque, Valencia and beyond!

Sparkling wine isn't just for special occasions anymore. Expect to see Champagne, Cava and Prosecco treated more casually with expanded offerings and styles.

Beer Trends

IPAs aren't leaving the scene, but you can expect craft brewers to shift the spotlight toward more traditional beer styles like lagers and pilsners this year.

For more experimental offerings, you'll find brewers having fun with a range of styles from fruited sours to smoked farmhouse ales, rosé beers and rotating seasonal creations.