Oktoberfest is the largest folkfest in the world and takes place in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It lasts 16-18 days and runs from late September through the first Sunday of October.

The festival originated in 1810 as a public celebration of the royal marriage of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The celebration included all kinds of festivities from bowling alleys, carnival booths, horse races, and of course food and beer. The horse races and other festivities returned the next year and the year after that, and the holiday quickly evolved into a long-lived Bavarian institution.


Oktoberfest dates back over 200 years, but the beer dates back even further. In 1553, there was an ordinance placed on Bavarian brewing that prohibited beer from being brewed in the summer months.

So began the tradition of brewing Märzen- a dark brown, full-bodied beer which could be brewed in March and stored until late September. To better withstand this storage period, Märzen  is brewed with more hops, more malt and a higher alcohol content. The result is a beer with a fuller body and sweeter finish than typical Bavarian beers.


The tradition continues to this day with historied Bavarian brewers making Märzen and other Oktoberfest beers that are a quintessential part of every year's festival. We're keeping the tradition by bringing this year's Oktoberfest imports here, to your local liquor store.