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At Bottles we take our beverages seriously, diving into the difficult task of sampling products before we put them on the shelf. It’s tough work, but we have to make sure everything meets our seal of approval! We’re passionate about wine, beer and spirits and are thrilled to have enthusiastic customers share our thirst!

Alex McIlwee

Beer Manager

As Beer Manager, Alex loves to focus on local brews and international classics. She is also well-versed in Spanish and Portuguese wines and can tell you all about the organics, biodynamics, and sulfites of the wine world. She can navigate you through our selection of vegan wines and beers, and is more than happy to help you find something to pair with dinner. Make sure to bring your pups by so Alex can spoil them with treats!

Dan Welch

Spirits Manager

Whether you're building your bar or looking for an expertly crafted bourbon, our Spirit Manager, Dan, is eager to assist. When Dan isn't catching up on his fantasy team or walking his dog, Rusty, you can find him going above and beyond to curate the best selection of spirits Rhode Island has to offer. Currently he loves to sip on the Henry McKenna 10 Year, and when it comes to wine he is well-versed in Cotes du Rhone and Alsatian varietals. He truly is the Tom Brady of Bottles.


Neil Scott King

Assistant Manager 

Neil’s background in bartending helped influence his voracious appetite for knowledge of all things spirits. Particularly well-versed in beer and whiskies, he is expanding his repertoire into the wine world, with a special emphasis on France, Italy, and all varietals/places unique. Having a comfortable rapport with customers, Neil is confident in finding the best products and making unforgettable recommendations for others.

Kate Miceli

Wine Manager

Looking for a wine to pair with Sichuan cuisine - or to bring to your sister's bachelorette? Kate's the one to help you with those tasks, and all in between. She has completed Level 1 in the Court of Master Sommeliers, has plans to continue (Go Kate!), and shares her knowledge of and passion for wine with guests everyday. Before delving into the beverage industry, she worked in various restaurants as a cook for 8 years. One of her favorite experiences was in Disney World which prepared her to deliver top-level customer service in any situation. Kate's partial to dessert wines and wines from Italy, and when she's not at the store you can usually find her seeking out the best "hole in the wall," restaurants around town, baking bagels at home, watching horror movies, and playing with her pug.

Don Schmidt

Wine Sales

Boasting 45 years in the beverage industry, Don is a wonderful  resource for staff and customers alike. He is a Rhode Island living legend, his reputation for thoughtful recommendations and expertise is the reason customers travel from all over to chat with him about wines from every region, in every varietal. Don enjoys great German beers and Northern Rhone wines. A Scotch connoisseur, his favorite is Glenfiddich 18 year.


Mia Bernardo

Engraving Director

Previously a Front Desk Team Member at Bottles, then a Manager, and now Engraving Director, Mia's the one in our in-house engraving studio who designs beautiful custom engraved bottles and glassware for clients across the country. Though these days she's more into weight-lifting than drinking wine, she does believe that chartreuse is the pinnacle of human invention bar none, and would celebrate her last meal on earth by eating charcuterie and cheese with a fancy Madeira. One of the best parts about her engraving gig? Customizing Champagne bottles with funny and clever messages.